Barn Deconstruction, A Road Trip, and Some Shrubbery

Usually these updates are short and snappy, but recently we have been less than diligent about updating the blog.  Accordingly, we have a lot to say.  This in turn makes you all privy to some long-form journalism today.   

This has been a very busy month at Sociable Cider, and this last week felt a lot like Christmas.  To be more accurate it was probably more like Chanukah with what seemed like eight crazy days of deliveries and installs including a new polyurethane concrete floor, a glycol chiller, an on demand hot water heater, a fork lift , a brite beer tank and building landscaping.    


We've also been pretty busy away from the cider house.  Last week sent Jim on a several thousand mile jaunt down to North Carolina to pick up a product pasteurizer.  The trip included a quick stop in Virginia to see family and snag a couple beautiful pieces of hickory that will eventually be our bar top.  The road trip was bookended by a pair of weekends near Wade's home town of Rushford, MN where we requisitioned some old barn boards that will also be featured in the tap room.