With no pun intended, our apples are the core of our business. We adamantly believe that the best-tasting ciders come from real freshly pressed apples, not concentrate or apple-like flavorings or aroma compounds. What's more, we believe the kinds of apples used to make cider are of tantamount importance. Not just any common table apple makes great cider. It takes a blend of sweet, tart and bitter flavors to make a well-balanced cider

With this in mind, we source a specific selection of Midwestern sweet and sharp apples from several Minnesota and Michigan growers to make our products.  The likely suspects include the Haralson, Honeycrisp and SweeTango®. Then we brew in a bittering component to add body to our concoctions.  The result is balanced and fresh with plenty of sugar for a healthy ferment, plenty of acid for a balanced tartness, and plenty of tannin for excellent mouth feel and structure