Seasonal Products

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SUMMer & Spring: 


Burnout is our spring seasonal, and it will totally smoke your expectations for what a pepper-infused brew can be. We start with our Freewheeler Dry Apple, then spice things up with an infusion of freshly macerated cucumbers and habanero peppers. The peppers add just enough heat to contribute a delightfully scratchy texture, followed by bright cucumber  to help cool things down. (GF)

Road Rash scuffs up what you'd expect from a shandy by blending the Midwest's finest Honeycrisp, Haralson and SweeTango® apples with zesty lemon juice. The result is a light-bodied citrus character that is tart, refreshing and never too sweet. If you're looking for a craft brewer's take on shandy, this is a dose of Road Rash that won't leave a scar. (GF)

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Fall & winter:

rusty chain cranberry apple & fat bike mulled apple

Rusty Chain breaks loose from pumpkin's strangle hold on the world of fall flavors by reaching across the border for some freshly pressed Wisconsin cranberries. We start with a bone-dry, fully attenuated ferment of Midwestern apples, then sweeten the deal with fresh cranberries and fresh-pressed apple juice. (GF)

Fat Bike rolls over the idea that cider is only appropriate for hot summer days. This warm-you-to-the-core winter seasonal spices up our Midwestern apple blend with fresh-roasted hazelnut, orange peel, cinnamon, clove, all spice and anise. The subtly spicy and slightly nutty sweetness contribute to a full-bodied yet sessionable winter warmer. Try it cold or warm. (GF)