This Weekend at Sociable: October 28-29

Happy Thursday, Sociable Family! 

This is the first of what will be weekly Thursday afternoon blog posts updating you on what's happening at the taproom that weekend. Thursdays are arguably the worst day of the work week—so close to Friday and yet SO FAR—so we wanted to help you out. Not only will these posts save you the time and energy of answering the question, "What should I do this weekend?" but it will also give you something to daydream about while you count down the hours until happy hour.

So, without further ado, here's your Sociable Social Calendar for the weekend of October 28-29:


2pm - 6pm: Kids' Halloween

Bring your kiddos, nieces, nephews, friends' kids, grand kids, etc. to the taproom during the afternoon for some old-school fun. There will be bobbing for apples (when's the last time you've bobbed for apples?! Exactly.), trick-or-treating (costumes highly encouraged for little ones and their adults!), pumpkin decorating, hot apple cider (N/A for the kiddos, of course, but real stuff for the 21+ chaperones) and more. 

7pm - 12am: Adult Halloween

jack sparrow rum edit.jpg

Treat yourself with a few pints of rum barrel-aged cider after handing out candy to all the little ones in your neighborhood. That's right: We got our hands on a few rum barrels a while back and are sharing the goods with you just in time for the kick-off of the fall/winter holiday season. There will also be a costume contest (sweet prizes for the best of the best, as determined by our highly esteemed and qualified Sociable judges), tunes being spun by DJ Hazy Harold, food from Red River Kitchen, and whatever candy the kiddos don't gobble up. 


12pm - 9pm: Trick-or-Treat Recovery Session (aka the taproom is open)

No scheduled events on Sunday; just swing by, have a few pints and swap stories about the craziest kids (or parents) you encountered on your trick-or-treat route. You can still wear a costume if you want, but there won't be any prizes this time, just respect.