We are really proud of our beautiful taproom, and absolutely flattered by how many requests we get to rent the space for special events. That said, we want to share our space with as many people as possible, so we are not able to close to the public for special events during regular taproom days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Should you be willing to host your event on Tuesday, we're your guys.

Rental includes:

  • Full and exclusive use of the taproom and patio area. This does not preclude the rest of the space from being used for brewing or cider-making activities during your event. Consider it a show at no extra charge.  
  • Group sizes of up to 100 patrons
  • Two (2) taproom staff to make beverage service as smooth as possible for your event
  • Complimentary tour/ informational chat (format dependent on group size)
  • Unrestricted catering options. We have relationships with many excellent restaurants in the area.
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Please be aware we do not rent the taproom during regular hours of operation.