Sociable Presents



Union Hmong Kitchen is a restaurant experience that features Hmong culture, stories, rituals, foods and flavors. We marry local traditions with those from back home in South and Eastern Asia to bring Hmong flavors to American palates. Every dish has a narrative and we look forward to sharing ours with you, through our food.


Mon-Fri: 5-9pm

Sat: Noon-9pm



Chef Chris Her

(Co-Founder of Union Kitchen)

“As a 2nd generation Hmong-American, the identity crisis of finding which culture I belonged to stressed me as I grew up. I didn't have a country I could point to on a map to make it clear as to where my people are from. The beauty with food is that it doesn't have any borders, just like the Hmong people. Union Kitchen has taught me that Hmong people are culture cultivators and we adapt to our community. As a Hmong-American, I'm able to forge the future of my culture, and I believe the perfect tool for that is food.”


Chef Yia Vang

(Co-Founder of Union Kitchen)

“You can say that I was meant to be a cook — it was something I was ‘destined’ to be. My name, Yia, when translated in my native language (Hmong) literally means ‘iron skillet or frying pan.’ Food has been a large part of my life, and no matter what I’ve done in life, I’ve always come back to the dinner table as a gauge for understanding my worldview.” 


Rotating resident KITCHEN

Sociable purchased a mobile food trailer in early 2019 to have a space for up-and-coming Twin Cities chefs to show off their talents. The goal of this partnership is to bring recognition to the culinary skills of each tenant, by providing them with a physical space to run their operations. In tandem, this partnership will offer Sociable’s taproom patrons with consistently great food year-round. Sociable plans to host rotating resident chefs for stints up to a year in length.