Summer Menu

Taro Chips - $6 

(One of the fan favs of SCW…also a great way to start our meal)

Cotija Cheese. Cilantro Aioli. Ex-GF Hot Sauce (she hurts a little on the way in but on the way out is when she does most of her damage).

(GF, V)

The “Sloppy Chow” - $10

(Named after one of our first UHK summer employee who closes sandwiches…kinda like the sloppy joe but with Chow’s unique flavors)

Peterson Craftmeats Ground Beef. Lowry Hill Meats Beef Fat Buns. Coconut Crema. Taro Straws. Herbs. Potato Salad

Char Asparagus - $12

(Fresh. Hot. Spicy. Lettuce Wrap)

Hmong Sausage. Carrots. Scallion. Oyster Sauce. Thai Chilies. Lime. Gem Lettuce


*Fried Brussel Salad - $10

(If you call it a salad it makes people feel better about themselves when they eat it)

Grilled Carrots. Frisee Lettuce. Bean Sprouts. Watermelon Radishes. Honey Vinaigrette.

(GF, V)

*Khao Sen - $10

(Khao means “rice” and Sen means “noodles”…this is served as a chilled noodle dish)

Chilled Vermicelli Noodles. Mint. Thai Basil. Scallions. Ninja Radishes. Carrots. Red Cabbage.  Sweet Chili Vinaigrette. 

(GF, V)

*Add house made Smoked Pork Belly- $3

**Hilltribe Fried Chicken - $10

(As a Hmong kid growing up our favorite simple meal would be fried chicken w/ sticky rice and mom’s hot sauce)

Sociable Cider Wet Batter. Mama Vang’s Hot Sauce. S&S Cucumbers. Pickled Red Onions.


**Hmong BBQ Pork - $10

(First dish Yia’s dad taught him how to cook out of the fire pit in their backyard)

Pork Shoulder. GVP Sauce. S&S Cucumbers. Pickled Red Onions. Tiger Bite Sauce. 


**Grilled Duck Hearts - $12

 Schezwan Peppercorn Rub. S&S Cumbers. Pickled Red Onions. Tiger Bite Sauce 


**Add Sticky Rice - $2