Brunch Menu

Taro Chips - $6  

(One of the fan favs of SCW…also a great way to start our meal)

Cotija Cheese. Cilantro Aioli. Ex-GF Hot Sauce (she hurts a little on the way in but on the way out is when she does most of her damage). 

(GF, V)

Vinai Dumplings- $8

Hmong Sausage. Chili Oil. Chives

Ham and Duck Egg Sandwich - $10

(Our take on a Ham and Egg breakfast sandwich. Ham is made in house with Hmong aromatics)

Smoked Ham. Duck Egg. Cheddar Cheese. Turmeric Aioli. Beef Talo Bun (Lowry Hill Meats). 

Smoke Chicken Laab - $12

Smoked Chicken Duck. Bean sprouts. Carrots. Shallots. Thai Basil. Mint. Lemongrass. Toasted Rice Flour. Gem Lettuce. 


Parsnip Potato Hash  - $12

Roasted Potato. Parsnips. Smoked Mushrooms. Cumin. Paprika. Korean Chili Flakes.


Hmong Omlete* - $10

Smoked Cherry Tomatoes. Thai Basil. Scallion. Watercress. Bean Sprouts. 

(GF, V)

Kimchi Fried Rice * - $10

(Sweet, spicy, and robust)

Char Carrots. Roasted Onions. House Made Kimchi. Turnips. Parsnips. Soft Egg. Chives. Fried Shallots and Garlic

(GF, V)

*Hmong Sausage + $3

*Thai Curry Chicken Sausage + $2

*Smoked Mushrooms +$3