Producing Quality

“Producing Quality” is one of the main pillars of Sociable’s brand. To us, this means putting our full focus behind each project we undertake. It means we’re never half-assing or cutting corners just to make a quick buck. It is the dedication to our products, our brand, and our fans. We’re committed to upholding this standard in virtually every aspect of our business. You can see it in our taproom presentation, in the large scale events we host, in our marketing and design, and namely in the libations we produce.

When crafting our newest infusions, specialty brews, or flagship ciders the process all starts the same; with freshly pressed midwestern apples. We could go the cheap route and make our products with concentrates and artificial flavors, but that’s not what makes us #DecidedlyDifferent. Each time we choose a new ingredient to add to our products, we make sure it meets our quality standards and comes from a supplier we trust. Whether that be sourcing local honey for our Mead, using Minnesota grown wet hops for our special release Hop A Wheelie, or freshly pressing the Road Rash lemons ourselves. Our most recent All Pints North exclusive infusion started with freshly harvested strawberries from a small town farm just an hour north of our taproom.

Rod's Berry Farm has been growing strawberries for 38 seasons near North Branch, MN. Rod and Sara started the farm in 1982, and it's truly a family run and locally supported business. Each of their 5 kids pitched in as they grew up and now coming back with their own families. U-pick and ready-picked strawberries are the main focus, but RBF has been providing strawberries for local wineries (and now breweries) for almost 20 years! The farm is well known for it's friendly staff, kid friendly environment, and most importantly, great strawberries.

Sourcing our ingredients locally not only improves the quality of our products, but it allows us to work #SideBySide with some of this region’s best businesses. We can’t wait to debut this collab with Rod’s Berry Farm at All Pints North this coming weekend!

Jim Watkins