Daiye Spa: A Collaboration with Bent Paddle Brewing

From head brewer John Kirkman:

For the 13th annual Red Stag In Cahoots block party we partnered up with our good friends at Bent Paddle Brewing and determined that we wanted to collaborate on a refreshing beverage that was decidedly different.  We wanted to make it balanced and unique, and a brew that would pair well with a hot Minnesota summer. Lime, mint and cucumber came to the forefront for flavor profiles that we thought would exemplify our mission of creating a fresh and crisp summer beverage. We decided that a hard seltzer would be the perfect vehicle to deliver these flavor profiles.  Daiye Spa Hard Seltzer was created as a result of these collaborative ideas. 

Day Spa Hard Seltzer is fermented to a 5.5% ABV via a wine yeast which creates clean, delicate and floral aromatics within the seltzer.  Post fermentation we infused fresh limes, cucumbers and mint leaves into the seltzer. We did so with each ingredient independently to be able to balance the individual flavors in the finished seltzer.  The fresh lime juice and zest lends some acidity and aromatics of limes to the nose and front end of the flavor profile. Infused cucumber and mint provide a refreshing backdrop to the lime character and ensure that drink will be a satisfying on the hottest of summer days.  We at Sociable Cider Werks and our friends at Bent Paddle Brewing CO. are excited to bring this satisfying summer elixir Daiye Spa to you and yours. Cheers!

Jim Watkins