Hops for Hunger Tickets On Sale!

Whats that you say?  You like locally produced brews?  You love jamming to local tunes?  You like supporting good causes?  You have a fun budget of 40 bucks for this weekend?  Well, it sounds like I have the perfect event for you.  The SACA food shelf if hosting its second annual Hops for Hunger event this Saturday night at the Solar Arts building (Indeed's building).  Tickets are still available, so click on the interwebs and get yours today! See you there! 

CityPages Covers Sociable Cider Soft Opening

Sociable opened its doors to the public last weekend in a "softish" opening.  We just weren't quite comfortable calling it a cider house "grand opening" given the fact that all of our apple graffs are still working away in their respective fermentation vessels.  We will continue to pour nano batch beers we've brewed Th & F 4pm-10pm and Sa Noon-10pm until our graffs are ready to roll.   Stop by to see us! 

Here are some great photos of the weekend from our friends at citypages.  Notice, Annie front and center serving up a couple pale ales!  She still looks good after 14 hours at the hospital and then another 6 hour shift at Sociable!